Monday, December 24, 2012

New for 2013,
New sail profile,
P90 Shyshark frames,
super hangtime!
65" x 65",
Icarex sail

US$238 each

Shipping End January 

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Small improvements over time on this Glider-kite gives it an unbeatable gliding performance.

New is the nose adjuster which allows you to dial in the amount of "float" attitude and glide distance.

This effectively allows you to adjust to fly in any location of varying sizes.

Projected availability 3rd quarter of January 2013

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

PLUTZ # Assembly Instructions

Well folks, it finally here! Sorry for the long delay in the assembly instructions. Thank you for your understanding and patience. ENJOY!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plutz on remote!!

Here is a video of the Plutz being fitted with the Vector type remote control by Jon P of USA!

Jon P fiying the Vector Rc on a Plutz Kite from Gary Maynard on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

*Announcement* PLUTZ 3

New for 2011,

Lots of development had been happenning, I had been flying almost every morning to test out and refine the kite. The BRIDLE is the most significant development with the front end now attached to the Glide line.

This new developement has now made the kite climb even higher. Previously Plutz has to settle on a balanced sweet spot bridle and glide setting. When you have good climb you had to settle for a shorter glide and vice-versa.


NOW this new “Variable Pitch” bridle is independent of both GLIDE and CLIMB. All factory setting will be set for MAX glide and MAX climb. The climb rate is phenomenal and can climb to at least twice the height of P2 and at that height on max glide it just go and go and go! My personal best climb is about 3 storeys and glide to over 100ft!

Sail cut is new with the top wings being smaller and total sail has its Center of Gravity shifted to give kite MORE forward drive.

Finishing on the kite had been refined, now features 4 mm hemming. Also significant is the standoff pockets. Shifted position also means shorter length standoff, stiffer overall push to sail. Most importantly standoffs now STAY in the pocket during dismantling, this reduces loss to the standoffs.

All ties now uses 30lb dacron, much lighter than previous using black 50lb Polyester. Dacron has better knot holding properties.

Currently production has begun. All custom orders requires time, thanking all in advance for understanding that I am torn between my real job and kites at the same time. I would like to take the same stand on Dan Leigh’s thoughts on kites ordering but I find the words too harsh. All orders will be honoured, it may take a bit longer but it will be all worth it! It will be soon when I have ready stocks in hand again.

Humbly yours

Leong “ceewan”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

MIDI Pointer in White!! Available now!! Ask you nearest dealer! Excellent reflectability shown here being showered by a spotlight. Lowest wind flyer, pictures of White in only 2mph.

Click below for the video!

Monday, September 6, 2010


OUT OF STOCK! Plutz 3 will be announced soon, stay tuned!

Based on the Platz, this kite had been in the making for more than 4 years. Finally perfected in late 2009 it had become an instant hit in Southeast Asia. Made of 0.75oz Ripstop Nylon and 3mm carbon tubes this little beauty flies from Zero onwards. It is fully adjustable with adjustments to the bow, the bridle and the top wings giving it infinite flying possibilities. Comes with a weight  (as of late 2010 all Plutz 2 is designed with no weights, recovers better from the ground), it can be tuned for long gliding flights or fast handed small flying spaces. This would be the kite worthy of your collection.

Some videos here

Total Height- 1meter
Span - 1 meter
Frame - Pultruded carbon amd microcarbons
Range - 0mph - 4mph
Line: 10lb

(shipping is separate)

MIDI Pointer

This is an unprecedented piece of kite engineering, the Pointer is THE FIRST Bridle Free kite to fly on the top-most tip at a SINGLE POINT without stabilizer tails! It is a finely tuned machine that flies in high angles, high stability and keeps pointed to the sky all the time! The handling of this kite, is without doubt, scores the highest for 'flying confidence'. You will feel safe and secure at all times while holding the line, it just 'stay pasted to the sky'. This is also an uncomplicated kite, its quick, easy to assemble, for its size, with minimal rigging thus allowing you to catch the winds early.

The MIDI Pointer will fly in extremely light to high winds and has virtually no pull with recommended line strength at only 50lb despite its large size.Its also a great travelling companion as it packs down to less than 36" long.

Its big Brother The GEO POINTER,  licensed to  Sky Burner Kites, is a Winner at the AKA Grand Nationals for the highest score in the Flight category and 3rd in Bowed category.

The MIDI Pointer will fly in just about any wind you put it into. On the low side you fly it with battens to hold out the sail and catch more wind. When the wind picks up, remove the battens to reduce the kite's profile to the wind, move the flying line to the top single-point attachment and it will ride out the strongest winds!

BTW being bridle free this kite is a natural when it comes to stacking multiple kites!

Simple! Fly it! Believe it!

Sept 2010 Update. Now with tail weights for improved light wind performance!

Total Height- 162.5" (13.5feet)
Span - 56"
Frame - Skyshark P-series & Microcarbons
Range - 2mph - 20mph
Line: 50lb

(shipping is separate)