Tuesday, March 29, 2011

*Announcement* PLUTZ 3

New for 2011,

Lots of development had been happenning, I had been flying almost every morning to test out and refine the kite. The BRIDLE is the most significant development with the front end now attached to the Glide line.

This new developement has now made the kite climb even higher. Previously Plutz has to settle on a balanced sweet spot bridle and glide setting. When you have good climb you had to settle for a shorter glide and vice-versa.


NOW this new “Variable Pitch” bridle is independent of both GLIDE and CLIMB. All factory setting will be set for MAX glide and MAX climb. The climb rate is phenomenal and can climb to at least twice the height of P2 and at that height on max glide it just go and go and go! My personal best climb is about 3 storeys and glide to over 100ft!

Sail cut is new with the top wings being smaller and total sail has its Center of Gravity shifted to give kite MORE forward drive.

Finishing on the kite had been refined, now features 4 mm hemming. Also significant is the standoff pockets. Shifted position also means shorter length standoff, stiffer overall push to sail. Most importantly standoffs now STAY in the pocket during dismantling, this reduces loss to the standoffs.

All ties now uses 30lb dacron, much lighter than previous using black 50lb Polyester. Dacron has better knot holding properties.

Currently production has begun. All custom orders requires time, thanking all in advance for understanding that I am torn between my real job and kites at the same time. I would like to take the same stand on Dan Leigh’s thoughts on kites ordering but I find the words too harsh. All orders will be honoured, it may take a bit longer but it will be all worth it! It will be soon when I have ready stocks in hand again.

Humbly yours

Leong “ceewan”